Slow Art is
in 26 days
Slow Art is the Anti-museum

Museums are awful. Too much to see, too expensive, and if we're honest with ourselves, we don't know what we're supposed to do most of the time. Slow Art was created get art out from behind stuffy ticket gates and back into our hands.

The Slow Art Manifesto:

  • Enough time to deeply engage with every piece
  • Art comes with instructions from the artist
  • An engaged audience
  • Free to attend
  • No pretense
Art needs
more time +
less pretense

Art needs time. Lots of it. We've all taken two hours to watch a terrible romantic comedy, but when was the last time you gave a painting or poem more than a couple minutes of your life?

Art also needs some humility. It needs us to be open to learn. How do I wring the most out of this poem? Where should I stand to really take in this sculpture? How long should I spend with this photograph?

Artists are experts in their mediums because they understand their forms deeply. Poets can tell you how to read well. Sculptors can tell you where you're supposed to stand when taking in piece. Painters and photographers know how to look deeply. We ask artists to provide instructions on how to take in their piece to share this deep knowledge of craft with the rest of us.

Art + Card +
You + Friend
Anyone can come to Slow Art. Here's what it takes to get in the door:
  • An original piece of art, by you.
  • A card telling viewers/readers/listeners how to get the most out of it.
  • A way to mount / display / present your piece.*
  • Yourself
  • One friend (optional, but welcome)
* Notes on presentation:
  • We've got a few tables and places to hang things, but it's best if you can be self-reliant.
  • If your piece has an audio component, please provide headphones.
  • We haven't had any live-performance pieces yet. If possible, a recording is ideal, but if you've got a live performance only idea, we'll figure out how to make it work!
You + Your Art Other Artists + Their art

In the past, that's been poets, painters, wood-block printers, photographers, scuptors, and digital artists. Who's next? Get a piece ready, and come find out!

Slow Art was started by Steven Skoczen. You can email him at his last name at gmail if you have questions or want more info!

The next Slow Art is Aug. 17, 2019 at 5:30pm

Slow Art is the third Saturday of each and every month.